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Nike Jordan, Footwear Lineup and Model Range

Nike Jordan

Nike Jordan Footwear

Nike Jordan

The epitome of basketball greatness, and possibly the best player to ever play the sport, Michael Jordan sure has proved to the world why basketball isn’t just a game where one relies solely on talent. Hard work, discipline and the willingness to learn more about your opponent will definitely make you and your team win even the hardest of all games. And rightly so, in relation to Nike’s great tagline of “Just Do It” with his Airness’ greatness, comes the popular basketball kicks, the Nike Jordan.

An ever expansive line, the Nike Jordan features only the best design and material fit for a player of Jordan’s caliber. One thing is sure with these awesome shoes – the light materials used scream airtime, with some models even with built-in air pumps for you to elevate higher and farther. The functionality and design of these shoes are so impressive, that shoe junkies of all kinds tend to consider each model as a work of art.

And speaking of models, the Nike Jordan has up to 22 models available, with almost a new design released in just a matter of years. The exciting Nike product doesn’t only feature Michael Jordan as its lead endorser – in fact, recent models have NBA all star players such as Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade as sponsored athletes.


  • Jumpman Logo
  • Lace Locks
  • Crossover Straps
  • Advanced Ankle Support


  • Air Jordan I
  • Air Jordan II
  • Air Jordan III
  • Air Jordan IV
  • Air Jordan V
  • Air Jordan VI
  • Air Jordan VII
  • Air Jordan VIII
  • Air Jordan IX
  • Air Jordan X
  • Air Jordan XI
  • Air Jordan XIII
  • Air Jordan XIV
  • Air Jordan XV
  • Air Jordan XVI
  • Air Jordan XVII
  • Air Jordan XVIII
  • Air Jordan XIX
  • Air Jordan XX
  • Air Jordan XXI
  • Air Jordan XXII

Price: varies ($600+)

Nike Jordan Shoes

Nike Jordan Shoes

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