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Nike Dunk Low Premium, Footwear Lineup and Model Range

Nike Dunk Low Premium

Nike Dunk Low Premium Footwear

Nike Dunk Low Premium

Whether you’re out in the streets and wanting to stand out from the rest of the crowd, or want a legitimate pair of sneakers that will make you bring out your A-game (both for a game of hoops or just simply freestyling), make sure you’re sporting the Nike Dunk Low Premium.

Always a feature in the hardcourt, the Nike Dunk Low Premium is a tried and tested footwear meant to jazz and boost up anyone’s game. First released in the year 1985, these awesome kicks are still a crowd-pleaser today. These classics not only look dazzling, but give an impressive level of comfort for its wearers, which is still being sought after by other contemporary shoe models.

The material used for this particular Nike masterpiece do vary per line, but nevertheless, comfort and style is always guaranteed.

Perhaps the main thing that makes the Nike Dunk Low Premium a popular shoe of choice during the past decades is its expression of individuality. It was actually recorded that college schools who first wore these shoes matched their individual sneakers with their respective team jerseys. It was a breakthrough, which Nike is always known for creating. So don’t think twice – make sure you get to wear a pair today!


  • Comes in different materials – choice of corduroy, smooth leather and denim twill.
  • Customizable Colors
  • Cupsole meant to create a comfortable wear.


  • Bold Berry
  • Pink Spark
  • Yellow
  • Seasonal Colors

Price: $130.00+

Nike Dunk Low Premium Shoes

Nike Dunk Low Premium Shoes

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