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Privacy Policy

Information Use and Sharing

Shoe Brand List does not collect personal information from visitors. The site also does not ask for visitors to log in or sign up at anytime before they could access the site or view individual blog posts. The site has zero tolerance policy when it comes to personal information use and sharing to third party websites. In this regard, Shoe Brand List has maintained a login-free site so visitors could enjoy their time browsing the website without being compelled to leave information about themselves that they are not comfortable with.

Cookie Usage

As with all websites today, Show Brand List uses cookies as a way to help the website monitor its traffic on the web. While the site does not collect information from users, it leaves information in the users’ web browser. These pieces of information are called cookies.

Cookies allow websites such as Shoe Brand List to determine the frequent visitors on the website, what pages these visitors view the most times, and where these visitors come from. Cookies leave something like a memory print of the website on users’ web browsers. This way, the next time the same user visits the Shoe Brand List, the website will easily recognize the particular web browse and may incorporate auto-complete with the site’s search function, or the web browser’s address bar.

Given these, the user will still stay anonymous to the administrators of the website. Cookies can be easily removed from the web browser by deleting them manually from the browser’s settings option.


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