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Full List of K-Swiss Shoes, Footwear Lineup and Model Range

Full List of K-Swiss Shoes

K-Swiss Shoe Brands List

K-Swiss Official Logo of the Company

K-Swiss Footwear is a brand of American footwear based in Westlake Village, California. The company designs and develops and markets a wide range of athletic shoes. It was founded in 1996 at Los Angeles, California by the two Swiss Footwear brothers Art and Ernie Brunner who became interested in tennis and introduced the first leather tennis shoes.

In 1986, Steven Nichols was so impressed with the K-Swiss Footwear tennis shoes and tried to his bosses to buy the K- Swiss Footwear company and the company’s popularity started to risen up. They aim to be the most inspiring and innovative sports brand in market. Today, K-Swiss Footwearhas expanded their products for tennis footwear and running and continue to produce high performance shoes and apparel for everyone.An ideal shoe must have comfort, durability, and stability and K-Swiss Footwear products can provide that.

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K-Swiss Shoe Brand List

K-Swiss Shoe Brands

It has a wider base that helps the player to move quicker in the court.a One of their famous products is K-Swiss Footwear tube which has a comprising series of cylindrical tubes on the sole. The technology of Tubes allows to move in motion creating an ideal round and light running.

Flexibility is enhanced by flex-grooves while breathability is increased with a mesh upper. Their products have huge variety of designs and colors.

Here is the full list of K-Swiss shoe models and variants:

  • MEN K-RUUZ shoes
  • WOMEN K-RUUZ shoes
  • MEN MICRO TUBES 100 FIT shoes

Photos of K-Swiss different types of shoes

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