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Full List of T.U.K Shoes, Footwear Lineup and Model Range

Full List of T.U.K Shoes

T.U.K. Official Logo of the Company

T.U.K. Shoe Brands List

Tread United Kingdom, that’s what TUK shoe stands for. It is a much known shoe brand that was founded in United Kingdom and was brought to California. It started as a manufacturer of the British boots since 1970’s the age of the Early English Punk Era.

TUK list of shoe brands offers shoes that are punk, rock, artistic and fashionable! It solely inspired by those brothel creepers and rocker chick hills. The company is also known for their punk and stylish sneakers. These shoes are often seen in Goth stores and punk areas of the mall.

TUK shoe are being referred to as the shoe of the rockers and Goths. It is even told to be the staple of the Gothic rock and roll. The designs are usually meant to have those printed skulls, guitars and gothic voodoo features in them.

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Some of the shoes have a retro touch to them which some people find exciting and cool. You can choose from those pink punk flats and wedges to those gothic boots and rocker punk dude sneakers. Each shoe is designed and made especially for you, rocker Goths!

If you wear a pair of TUK shoes it makes you unique, it gives you that vibe of the exotic look, taste and style. So get have a pair now and get that TUK rockability!

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T.U.K footwear

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