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Avia Stoltz, Footwear Lineup and Model Range

Avia Stoltz

Avia Stoltz

Avia Stoltz

In preparing to run out in the wild, particularly for marathon races where all sorts of terrain can be encountered, needs proper planning to succeed. This isn’t a typical race, which is just limited to a set boundary of concrete and heat. The wild is just that – it’s wild, and can be disastrous without the proper pair of shoes.

So it’s always a good thing for shoes like the AVia Stoltz to give your feet the proper protection for this type of run. Providing the right kind of cushion for off-track runs, the AVia Stoltz also gives a subtle benefit for runners – bringing out optimum performance level for its wearers.

With an ankle cut that is slightly higher than other shoes of its kind, protection and wear and there is maintained, giving the assurance that a race is successful completed.

Yet, the AVia Stoltz’ best feature may perhaps be its sole. Its “soul” for it sole is made to handle very high mileage, giving runners the peace of mind of running through almost everything. Rocks, puddles and other obstacles found in trail running can be managed in a very efficient way, saving time and stamina for the awesome pair of shoes’ wearers.


  • Lightweight Air Mesh Upper
  • Single-pull lace system
  • Avi-Lite EVA midsole
  • Otholite insoles


  • Silver
  • Orange
  • Blue

Price: $110.00+

Avia Stoltz Shoes

Avia Stoltz Shoe

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