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Full List of Keen Inc. Shoes, Footwear Lineup and Model Range

Full List of Keen Inc. Shoes

KEEN Inc Official Logo of the Company

KEEN Inc Official Logo of the Company

Sometimes, a little bump can make the big difference towards success. This can be seen in the cool and progressive brand, KEEN Inc.

KEEN Inc Footwear., an Oregon based shoe company, originally wanted to make just sandals with an added benefit – instead of it being open-toed, the sole extends upwards, protecting the upper and front part of the feet. With such a simple and effective innovation, the brand then experimented on footwear, which of course resulted to big success. So great the success was, that KEEN Inc Footwear was actually given awards during its launch!

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KEEN Inc Shoe Brand List

KEEN Inc Shoe Brands

Now, just because it has a simple sole extended up doesn’t mean that shoes from this brand don’t look good at all. In fact, they’re stylish and fashion-forward, which is a stand-out for their line of active and outdoor footwear. Because of this, you get to be safe from harm during your hikes and treks, and look doubly great on them as well!

KEEN Inc. Footwear also goes way beyond than producing great shoes. In fact, they’re a company aiming to make a difference, especially during world-changing events. Just last 2004, during the Asian Tsunami, the company made an effort to donate to help lives out. This simple (again with the simplicity) helped make a big difference, just like how they made things more convenient for their consumers as well.

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