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Full List of Levis Shoes, Footwear Lineup and Model Range

Full List of Levis Shoes

Levis Official Logo of the Company

Levis Official Logo of the Company

Levi Strauss& Co. or Levi’s as it is widely known started as an American clothing company founded in 1853 by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. The company was firstly known by its production of denim jeans to other denim clothing. It slowly expanded and now offers not only denim jeans but also stylish shirts, jackets, footwears and leather products such as belts and wallets.

Each product has its own unique design and is made with high quality materials. The Levi’s shirts are trendy and hippy while its jeans are still known to be a stand out! Today, Levi’s is more known for its cool and stylish Levi’s shoes.

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Levi’s shoe gives you a variety of options from tennis shoes, to rubber shoes, to black suede shoes and even to your casual footwears. Each shoe is made with the perfect style that would fit your taste and best materials that will last longer than you’ve expected! Levi’s shoes are made with high durability and comfort that you needed.

Levis Shoe Brand List

Levis Shoe Brands

If you’re thinking of looking for the best outfit for the day, you just have to stop in one brand that you can trust. You can have a fashionable Levi’s shirt paired with a perfectly fit Levi’s jeans and a hippy and trendy Levi’s shoes. Look the best only with your Levi’s!

Here is the full list of Levis shoe models and variants:


  • Calimessa Ankle Boots
  • Orinda Leather Pumps
  • Sancio Leather Boots
  • Sancio Leather Heeled Boots
  • Sancio Suede Heeled Boots
  • Temple City Clog Sandals
  • T Strap Sandals
  • White Tab Lace Up Hi Tops



  • Canvas and Leather Lace Up Sneakers
  • Chukka Boots
  • Cotton Twill Mid Lace Sneakers
  • Dunsmir Mid Lace Up Boots
  • Dunsmir Oxford Shoes
  • Emeryville Lace Up Boot
  • Lace Up Sneakers
  • Lace Up Utility Boots
  • Leather Lace Up Sneakers
  • Maine Lace Up Leather Boots
  • Oxford Shoes
  • Oxford Sneakers
  • Red Tab Lace Up Hi Tops
  • Red Tab Lace Up Low Tops
  • Sancio Suede Boots
  • Whittier Oxford Shoes

Photos of Levis different types of shoes

Official Website of the Company:

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