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Full List of Umbro Shoes, Footwear Lineup and Model Range

Full List of Umbro Shoes

Umbro official logo of the company

Nothing beats the British standard when it comes to footwear and equipment. New companies have emerged throughout the 21st century and just recently, Umbro Limited did. An apparel and football gear company based in Manchester, Umbro is a designer, a marketer, and a source of football-associated overalls.

Since their inception in 2011, they have already sold to 90 countries all around the world. It all started from a little workstation in Cheshire owned by Harold Humphreys and his brother. Belonging from a football-crazed country, Harold and his brother were genuinely motivated to design clothing and gear to aid the sport and its players. They first clothing kit were worn during the 1934 FA Cup final by the two rival teams Portsmouth and Manchester City.

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One thing led to another and they were already the official clothing producer of the English FA Cup and the endorsed sponsor of the FA. Moreover, Umbro was then worn by the Brazil team, who became the first ever FIFA World Cup champion. Unfortunately, Harold died in 1974, and was taken over by his two sons, Stuart and John.


More success came right after and the company was signed to design kits for the England national team. Their gears have lead more teams to championships including the AFC Ajax and the Manchester United F.C. Right now, Umbro owns a whopping 94% of the United Soccer Leagues – an organization for the youth league, the second tier women’s league, and the lower division men’s soccer league of the United States.

Currently, Umbro is a manufacturer of every type of sportswear there is such as gears for training and football boots. They also introduced a very famous style of shorts that reached maximum sales in the United States. This short was made out of nylon, with a waistband in the size of a drawstring, and came with various bright colors.


From then on, Umbro continued the sale of their conventional products and introduced new equipment using new technologies in sportswear.

Official Website of the Company:

Umbro official site

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