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Full List of Heelys Shoes, Footwear Lineup and Model Range

Full List of Heelys Shoes

Heely's Official Logo of the Company

Heelys Official Logo of the Company

Speed is the name of the game – that is, if you’re into inline skating. A fun and maybe even practical sport, inline skating can definitely get you places in a much faster way, where getting to Point A to B can be done in a jiffy. Except, of course, of its limitations: you just can’t expect to wear your pair of skates wherever you’d like to, right?

So that is why, for the benefit of adrenaline junkies out there, that Heelys Footwear is a heaven-sent brand. With their fancy looking sneakers equipped with wheels, you’d be zipping towards places in no time at all. You’ll also be doing it in a cool way, with the brand’s ingenious and practical technology: just shifting your weight on your heels would help you pop up – or hide – your wheels into your sole, when you need it! This of course saves you the time from having to bring an extra pair of sneaks when you get to your destination!

Heelys Shoe Brand List

Heelys Shoe Brands

The best thing of all with Heelys Footwear is its style. Each pair of shoes from this awesome brand has a unique and cool air to it. If you aren’t even giving the shoes its proper notice, you won’t think that it comes equipped with wheels at all! Heck, the shoes actually look good, even more so than other conventional sneakers!

So if you want to go for speed and style at the same time, make sure you’re wearing Heelys Footwear. You sure won’t know when you need to beat the clock, so you better sport a pair today!

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