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Pony Slam Dunk MiD, Footwear Lineup and Model Range

Pony Slam Dunk MiD

Pony Slam Dunk MiD Footwear

Pony Slam Dunk MiD

Still looking for a shoe that can help you run and shoot balls more?

Then consider having a Pony Slam Dunk MiD Shoe. Released in early December 2010 as part of Pony’s Slam Dunk Collection, this classic 1983 Slam Dunk design basketball kicks comes with a more vintage looks that not only promises an A-performance on court but can also wow anybody in the audience. It’s time to rock with this limited edition shoe.



  • This shoe has a leather and canvas upper to ensure durability; it also includes a reinforced rubber toe cap for protection
  • It has a padded collar for extra support.
  • It also has a cushioned footbed with EVA insert that provides you comfort whenever you wear it.


  • Black/White/Black
  • Red/White/Red
  • White/Black/White


$60.00 -$70.00


Who says you can’t do great and be stylish at the same time? You can definitely be on top of your game – even outside the court, with a pair of Pony Slam Dunk MiD sneakers. You might also want to check out the Dee and Ricky re-design of the Slam Dunk MiD especially if you are after a more colorful and vibrant sneakers. Be sure to have one now!

Pony Slam Dunk MiD Shoes

Pony Slam Dunk MiD Shoes

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