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Adio Daisy

Adio Daisy

Adio Daisy Shoes

ou go, girl! Hardcore and edgier females seem to dominate extreme sports nowadays, that the boys seem to be outmatched in an often thought as masculine field! It is true! No matter how much ollies, spins and drops a male skateboarder can do, his female counterpart can match up to it as well.

As a plus, grace is often associated with females, where a simple slide would often be followed up by a well-placed smile. It’s those small details that seem to win everyone’s heart on watching a girl do her tricks!

And if it’s the details that make every girl skater shine, you sure won’t go wrong with the Adio Daisy Shoes. These funky yet stylish pair of shoes are every girl’s dream come true, when it comes into hitting those extreme ramps.

As an added mean feature to these kicks, box stitching is incorporated to get those ollies done as precise – and yes, gracefully – as possible. Best of all, these shoes come in a plethora of cool designs, a must for every girl’s style!

So if you’re a girl thrasher and want the best pair of shoes to get the job done, make sure you’re wearing the Adio Daisy Shoes. You’ll move forward, and bring in the best styles at any park you’d skate at!


  • Box Stitching
  • Polyurethance Protection
  • Stylish Retro Design
  • This shoe model has a classic style. It’s not too chic yet not too dull, just right.
  • Like other shoe brand models in Adio, Daisy has box stitching to increase the ollie protection.
  • Of course, the total quality of an Adio product will not be complete if the shoe doesn’t have a full length polyurethane. This shoe brand model has an increased comfort and durability because of the material used.
  • There are also available Skate Technology Version of these babies. That’s if you want to earn the “extra skate protection” feature.


  • White/Lavender
  • Pink/Green Plaid
  • White/Yellow Plaid



Adio Daisy

Adio Daisy Shoes

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This shoe is the best in the world isnt?

Written by:Ghem Sanders | Date Posted: June 24, 2012