Crocs Shoe Brands List

Crocs Shoe Brands List

Crocs Shoe Brands List

Crocs Footwear, Inc is a shoe manufacturer founded by three friends named Scott Seamans, Lyndon “Duke” Hanson and George Boedecker, Jr in 2002. The first manufacturing plant and the current Crocs Footwear headquarters is located in Boulder, Colorado until the company rapidly branched out into a worldwide franchise with operating companies in Italy, China, Mexico and in other parts of the world. The company’s name and logo was derived from a Crocodile which symbolizes the amphibious nature of this animal who’s having in a strong and comfortable living on both land and water.

Crocs Shoe Brand List

Crocs Shoe Brands

Crocs Footwear can be found across the globe with more than 120 styles such as sandals, flip flops and clogs which are available for men, women and kids and offers an array of colors. It is highly in demand in market in summer season with its slip-resistant soles. Crocs Footwear products uses their proprietary closed-cell resin called Croslite that gives each pair of shoes the soft and lightweight feeling for your feet.

Durability is also assured with this product since is utilize with great rubberized materials. According to a number of podiatrists, Crocs shoes massage your feet as you walk and gives relaxation. Plus, it provides breathability and good ventilation to avoid odor. Crocs is a budget friendly product and gives long life assurance with its features.

Here are some of Crocs men's shoe models and its price:

  • Crocs Retro Clog
  • Crocs Minoa Canvas Lace-up
  • Crocs Minoa Canvas Lace-up
  • Crocs Men’s Karlson Golf Shoe
  • Crocs Men’s Croc XTG LoPro Sandal
  • Crocs Men's Preston Golf Shoe
  • Crocs Men's Drayden Golf Shoe
  • Crocs Men's Bradyn Golf Shoe
  • Crocs Keychain
  • Crocs Karlson Golf Shoe
  • Crocs Hover Slip-on
  • Crocs Hover Lace-up
  • Crocs Duet Sport Clog
  • Crocs Duet Plus
  • Crocs Duet Athens
  • Crocs Crocband™ II.5 Clog
  • Crocs Crocband™ Flip
  • Crocs Classic Realtree® V2
  • Crocs Classic
  • Crocs Bistro
  • Crocs Beach Line Boat Shoe
  • Crocs Beach Line Boat Shoe
  • Crocs Baya Slide
  • Crocs Baya Flip
  • Crocs Baya
  • Crocs Athens
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